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     Nitin Ajmeria graduated with Bachelors of Physiotherapy and is a postgraduate in Public Health and Hospital Management. Nitin has been practicing as a registered physiotherapist since 2015 in Canada. He specializes in Concussion Management, Vestibular Rehabilitation, IMS/Dry needling, uses integrated manual therapy with exercise prescription to treat Orthopaedic, neurological, sports, work related, and motor vehicle accident injuries. His areas of interest are Post Concussion rehabilitation, Musculoskeletal injuries, sports injuries, chronic pain, neurological conditions and exercise prescription. In his physiotherapy practice, he works hard to educate each of his patients on strategies for self-care and integrating exercise into daily schedule. He strongly believes that good communication and follow-ups are important factors in ensuring continued care and managing healthy lifestyle.

    Nitin is continually upgrading his skills through professional development courses, workshops and continued training. He also likes to dedicate some time to volunteer for public health activities in the community. Besides enjoying work his other interests are camping, traveling and sports like badminton, cricket, volleyball and soccer.

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