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   Niti Ajmeria loves to help greet customers and make them feel welcome. She also assists in communicating between the physiotherapists, kinesiologist, massage therapist and the admin staff. She is the first face that patients see when they arrive and the last one waving them goodbye. In essence, she is the face of Leading Health.

   Niti Ajmeria is from Delhi, India and loves any job in which she can advance her skills in communication. She continues her education in English weekly online. She also is independent and able to take the bus to and from work. 

   She promises to always bring happiness and joy to the patients and win their hearts over so that they keep coming back to Leading Health. She wants every patient to feel good when they come to the clinic, even when they are in pain. She aims to bring hope and joy to the patients who are struggling.

    She loves taking the bus and going for long strolls in the neighbourhood, enjoys watching Bollywood movies, listening to English songs, and can enjoy practically anything with drama!


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